• About Shane Lowney

    Shane Lowney is known for being an extremely hard working and dedicated employee, and therefore has become a successful engineer.

    Shane Lowney a successful mechanical engineer who lives in the city of Tampa, Florida. He has been working in this field for many years, and is very passionate about his job. As a mechanical engineer, it is his job to take scientific concepts and develop products or services (such as electronic parts, sensors, even spacecraft). This requires him to be creative, but he also needs to work in a very productive manner in order to get things done on schedule.


    To improve his creativity, Lowney likes to schedule time for brainstorming and being creative. By giving himself extra time to think, he is able to come up with better, more detailed ideas before going into the development process. He also has found that if he is experiencing a creative block that taking a break and working on something else can be very helpful. Since mechanical engineering is a very busy career, there is never any shortage of work to do.


    In order to stay on top of every project that he takes on, Lowney makes a detailed schedule and sticks to it. He uses both a physical written planner as well as an app on his phone to help stay focused, and he finds that this helps tremendously when it comes to improving his productivity. He schedules breaks in appropriately throughout his work day, so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed even when he has a large workload. Keeping a good schedule makes his job feel much less stressful, and he feels that he creates better, more effective solutions this way. Shane Lowney is a creative and dynamic mechanical engineer.


    Visit https://www.behance.net/shanelowney to know more.

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    Shane Lowney is a mechanical engineer who is based in Tampa, Florida. He studied at Florida Institute of Technology, where he learned the tricks of the trade, and then moved back to his hometown of Tampa, where he has made a name for himself as one of the most successful names in the field. He...
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